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Start and plan your course

   Course structure and course planner

Before you actually get started, we have prepared an overview of the online part of the course. It consists of six chapters:

  • Definitions
  • Planning phase
  • Research phase
  • User Phase
  • Legislation and policy
  • Data Support

The chapters are listed in the header at the top of this page. The chapter you are studying has a red circle. We have not actually started yet, so the red circle is not visible.

Each chapter starts with a short outline of the sections and learning objectives of that particular chapter. Each chapter has a maximum of six parts. Below you will find the headers and the logo to recognize the parts by.   

Most assignments and quizzes under 'Practise' are only open to course participants who have enrolled for the complete course.

 Learning objectiveWhat will you learn in this chapter? 
 Main pointsWhat is the main message of this section?
 CasesPractical examples and applications
 PractiseAssignments and questions
In-depthHow to access in-depth information
 SourcesWhat sources have we used to write this section?
 Your additions

After you have created a login, you can use Post Comment to leave a comment for each section. Any additions, corrections and suggestions are very much appreciated! 
Sometimes we are particularly interested in your additions. That is when the hand will show. 

After a course cycle we will evaluate how we will incorporate your responses in the course material. 

If you are logged in, the red/blue bar below the sections will indicate how your work is progressing (see image on the left). Red indicates the % of sections left to do; blue indicates the % of sections you have opened.

When you have read a section, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the page to go to the next section. Below this page, for instance, you can see that clicking the arrow to the right will get you straight to the first chapter of this course: Definitions.

Of course you can also choose to study the chapters in any order you like. Maybe you are interested in a number of specific parts and want to read those first to tie in with your experience and learning objectives. After you have gone through a section it is ticked off.

There are also a few options that can only be seen when you click the horizontal blue lines at the top right (see image). Depending on the course you have chosen to take (online only or complete) a number of options is activated, for instance a direct link to the forum, an overview of student progress and an overview of quizzes you have already taken. 

Choice of system

If you want to use all functionalities the Essentials 4 Data Support course has to offer, we recommend taking the course on a Desktop PC, laptop or a tablet (landscape orientation). 

We hope you have lots of fun learning.

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