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Welkom op het forum van de cursus Essentials 4 Data Support. 

Het forum 4 all staat open voor iedereen die een login aangemaakt heeft, ook de online only cursisten. Daarnaast hebben reguliere cursusgroepen hun eigen forum.
Hier lever je je opdrachten in, kun je discussies starten en reageren op discussies van anderen.

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110 115 18. 05. 2017 [06:39]

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Sindiswa Sota - Dear all
I am still at the very beginning of the course, busy unpacking the definitions. The very first one as you all already know is Data Research. I think, and I hope I am right about the fact that-- I think I understand what is shared under research data. Now, I am sitting here trying to tackle the first prac.!(",)
Question:Do you recognize the five ways to look at research data? How?
My Answer: Is yes. I have chosen case study 4 (Chemistry) and I looked at how data could be collected through experiments and observations; the data forms can be by means of samples or laboratory notebooks; how it can be stored in a microscopic data format or in a textual way; data files are considered to be come in small or large volumes; lastly the life cycle of the research data is different from discipline to discipline and it also depends on a researcher's point of view or a curator's perspective as Scott and the other authors explain it.

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