Terms of use

Cancellation / no show 

If you cannot attend the course, please let us know as soon as possible via cursus@researchdata.nl. Then we might be able to fill up your vacant spot. 

If we receive your cancellation up to 7 days prior to the first course day (the date of the first group meeting) no payment is required. For later cancellations we will have to charge the full amount. If you don't attend the course without timely cancellation (up to 7 days prior to the first course day via cursus@researchdata.nl) the full amount will also be charged.

Choice of system 

If you want to use all functionalities the Essentials 4 Data Support course has to offer, we recommend taking the course on a Desktop PC, laptop or tablet (landscape orientation).


Unless otherwise stated, all material for the Essentials 4 Data Support comes under the Creative Commons licence as stated below. All material under this licence can be freely used, as long as Research Data Netherlands is credited as the author.