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I - A bird's-eye view

In this chapter we briefly outline the history of an area of research support that has become indispensable: research data management support. We show how data management is a means to shape integrity and reproducibility of scientific research. Finally, we highlight a number of concepts - such as the research lifecycle, open science and FAIR data - and we consider the various types of data supporters around. 

Learning objectives

After this chapter:

  • You will be able to indicate what information is considered research data;
  • You will be able to explain that the meaning of this research data varies per target group and per phase of the research lifecycle;
  • You will understand how open science, data management and FAIR data shape the integrity and reproducibility of scientific research;
  • You will have a global overview of the various types of data supporters;
  • You will have a broad overview of  a number of information sources that can further help you to get up-to-date in data management support.

Quiz and assignment

Only available and clickable for students who follow the entire course

After you have gone through the sections of this chapter, you will answer the quiz questions and get started with the current topic assignment. This is an assignment that runs through the entire online part of the course.