Chapter I overview

This chapter discusses a few of the basis concepts you can refer to during this course. If you take the complete course, these building blocks also serve a background information for the current topic assignment. 

   Learning objectives

After this chapter:

  • You will be able to indicate what information is considered research data;
  • You will know what open data is and you can define the various stages of openness;
  • You will be able to explain that the meaning of this research data varies per target group and per phase of the research lifecycle;
  • You will have a broad overview of the commonly used definitions in the data supporter’s field of work;
  • You will know a number of sources of information to help you become up-to-date in the field.


After you have studied the parts of this chapter, there are quizzes and you will start working on the current topic assignment. This assignment will continue throughout the entire online course.