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III - Research phase

In this chapter we will discuss a number of good practices for storing research data, keeping it safe, findable and readable. We will also be looking at environments in which researchers can work together on shared data. 

Learning goals

After finishing this chapter:

  • You will have a rough impression of the various ways to store, backup, organise and document research data;
  • You will be able to indicate which data formats are suitable for long-term storage of research data;
  • You will be able to define the pros and cons of the various storage strategies;
  • You will have a rough overview of the overlap and differences between facilities for storing data, data management systems and virtual research environments.

Quiz and assignment

Only available and clickable for students who follow the entire course

Practise what you preach. That is what the assignment in this chapter is all about. How do we describe and save our files ourselves? You also get to answer a number of quiz questions.