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IV - Harvest phase

How and where do you archive or publish data? What is needed before (future) others can reuse research data? This chapter focuses on reaping the benefits of data management.

Learning goals

After this chapter:

  • You will know what a data archive is and you will know a number of ways to find data archives and datasets;
  • You will be able to identify the selection criteria that determine whether a dataset is eligible for inclusion in a data archive;
  • You will be able to indicate the significance of certification for data archives;
  • You will be able to identify various types of data publication;
  • You will know what data citation is, what the advantages are, which parties play a role in enabling data citation, what a DOI is, and how you can register it. 

Quiz and assignment

Only available and clickable for students who follow the entire course

After going through the sections of this chapter, you will take the quiz and start working on a reflection assignment.