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   Chapter IV - overview

This chapter focuses on reaping the benefits of the research data. What does archiving research data entail? How can a researcher make sure his research data 'is noticed'? How can he make sure his data counts as citable research output? How can you find research data that is already available?

The illustration below depicts how this chapter is set up. This chapter focuses on the subject of 'data archiving'. The 'data archiving' section therefore includes five additional subsections.

   Learning objectives

After this chapter:

  • You will know what a data archive is and you will know different ways on how to archive data and find data sets;
  • You will be able to identify the selection criteria that determine whether a data set qualifies to be included in a data archive;
  • You will be able to identify the significance of certification for data archives;
  • You will be able to identify various types of data publication;
  • You will know what data citation is, what the advantages are, which parties play a role in enabling data citation, what a DOI is, and how you can register them.