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VI - Data support

What are the forces that you - as a data supporter/data steward - have to take into account? How are other institutions shaping data stewardship? How can you match your expertise with the questions researchers have about data management? How can you organise data support? You will learn more about this in this chapter.


Learning goals

After finishing this chapter:

  • You will have become aware of the influence spheres you, as a data supporter, move in;
  • You will have an overview of ways to increase the involvement of researchers in data management and the sharing of research data;
  • You will have an overview of a number of testimonials and scientific evidence that shows how doing reproducible research and sharing research data benefits researchers;
  • You will be able to explain how the RDNL front office - back office model may serve as one of the ways to organise data support.

Quiz and assignment

Only available and clickable for students who follow the entire course

At the end of this chapter you will find a number of quiz questions. You conclude this chapter with an assignment of your choice.