"Do we know enough? Clearly, the answer is: no, we do not know what the future will bring. And that is maybe our biggest challenge: getting our minds to accept that we will never again ‘know enough’ at any time. While yet having to make decisions every day, every year, on where to go next." - Herbert van de Sompel & Andrew Treloar (1)

  Will we see you again?

After taking the course Essentials 4 Data Support, the real work will begin: you will start in one of the many fields of data support.

We aimed to create a point of gathering and point of departure with this course, where data supporters can meet and profit from each other’s freshly acquired knowledge and expertise. As we wrote earlier: We consider supporting researchers in taking care of their research data to be teamwork. IT experts, library employees, data librarians and data specialists all have their specific roles. If data supporters know how to find each other, everyone will profit, especially the researcher.

We hope you’ll visit here again after the course has ended, to share experiences on the forum and perhaps return to the course contents once in a while.

We hope to see you soon.




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  1. Angevaare, I. (2014, January 20). On-line scholarly communications: vd Sompel and Treloar sketch the future playing field of digital archives. [blog]. Research in KB. Retrieved from