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We believe supporting researchers to take care of their research data is teamwork. IT experts, library employees, data librarians and data specialists all have their specific roles. If data supporters know how to find each other, everyone will profit, especially the researcher.” - RDNL


Besides the sources mentioned in every section, the following sources deserve separate mention. We found inspiration in the below courses and used examples for our own course material. 

We would furthermore like to thank Ardi Nonhebel, Carolien van Zuilekom, Robin Duinker, Patrick Vandewalle, Egbert Gramsbergen, Marjan Grootveld, Susanna MacDaniel, Ben Companjen, Madeleine de Smaele, Marion Wittenberg, Jaap de Lange, Valentijn Gillissen, Heiko Tjalsma, Jeroen Rombouts, Ingrid Dillo, Ellen Verbakel, René van Horik, Maarten Hoogerwerf, Leon Osinski, Maarten van Bentum, Peter Verhaar, Mariëtte van Selm en Marina Noordegraaf for contributing to the creation of this course.
Unless otherwise indicated, the illustrations in the course material were created by Marina Noordegraaf.