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Archive or publish at RDNL

In this section you will find a decision aid for archiving or publishing research data with RDNL partners. [N.B. - DTL to be added to this section shortly]

RDNL-services for archiving and publishing data  

The RDNL-partners SURF (n.d.a.), DANS (n.d.a.) and 4TU.ResearchData (n.d.a.) offer a number of services to archive data for transparency/verification purposes and/or to publish them for reuse. The illustration below shows the solutions. 

The decision aid is intended for an individual researcher who is looking for a place to archive or publish his or her dataset. An institution can also offer facilities at a central level (institutional level) itself, in which case this decision aid naturally doesn't apply. 

For the registration and publication of research software, it is possible to use the software directory from the Netherlands eScience Center (n.d.).


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4TU.ResearchData (n.d.a.).

4TU.ResearchData (n.d.b.) Archive your research data.

DANS (n.d.a.).

DANS (n.d.b.). DataVerseNL.

DANS (n.d.c.). DANS EASY.

Netherlands eScience Center (n.d.) Research Software Directory. 

SURF (n.d.a.).

SURF (n.d.b.). SURF Data Archive.

SURF (n.d.c.). SURF Data Repository.